F1Junkie has a new look!

Hello fellow Formula 1 fans! Welcome to the new look F1Junkie. I hope you like it, either way, please let me know what you think. Go to twitter @f1junkiecom and give some feedback. You will like how the new site looks on your mobile devise(s) as F1Junkie is now much easier to view on the go. This site is basically a news reader that shows content from other great sites across the web in one spot. If you want to read more, click over to the original site. Another new feature is the twitter feed of the top F1 teams. For Ferrari's team feed I went with Alonso's personal feed because Ferrari's team feed is full of adverts.

Weber doubts Vettel can handle Ferrari ‘pressure’

More sensentive Willi Weber, also known as the lucrative ‘Mr 20 per cent’ after brokering Schumacher’s mammoth Ferrari contracts, is worried quadruple world champion Vettel’s personality might not be as suited to the task. If something is not working well, the pressure at Ferrari is greater than it is anywhere else. Willi Weber Ferrari is expected to confirm German Vettel’s… Read more →

Total president killed in plane crash

The French oil multinational is closely aligned in Formula One with Renault-powered teams Red Bull and Lotus and the French driver Romain Grosjean. Russia’s Lifenews service also reports that Total’s president, Christophe de Margerie, died in a plane crash at the Vnukovo airport in Moscow early on Tuesday. “Together with the head of Total, all three crew members were killed,”… Read more →