Mercedes not fearing suspension protest in Melbourne

Debate among teams regarding the legality of clever hydraulic suspensions systems in Formula 1 has been ongoing since Ferrari sought clarification regarding the legality of a ‘pre-loaded’ concept late last year. With the situation still not sorted – but a technical directive on the matter from the FIA expected before next week’s first pre-season test – there remains uncertainty about … Keep reading

Mercedes has made “unprecedented” step with 2017 F1 engine

The German car manufacturer has had the benchmark powerunit since the new turbo V6 hybrid regulations came into play in 2014. And although closest rivals Ferrari and Renault have made good gains over the past three years, Mercedes has always been able to stretch its advantage in the power stakes. Ahead of the 2017 F1 season, it is widely accepted that … Keep reading

Hamilton hopes engineers are wrong as F1 2017 overtaking fears mount

Speaking to the BBC ahead of today’s 2017 Mercedes F1 W08 launch, Hamilton also criticised the Drag-Reduction System – which artificially creates a speed differential between the cars to promote overtaking – as a “band-aid for the wrong rule changes”. “My engineers say it’s going to be a lot harder to overtake,” said Hamilton of the faster, more aggressive-looking cars. “If we see … Keep reading