Bizarre plot to steal Enzo Ferrari’s corpse is foiled

Italian investigators reported that the gang were planning to ransom the body of the Formula 1 marque patron after stealing it from the San Cataldo cemetery. In a sequence of raids by 300 military and police personnel, 34 arrests were made across Italy. The gang – which is connected with drug and gun smuggling activities – was based in Orgosolo in Sardinia, with other members from … Keep reading

Hamilton: Vettel a bigger challenge than Rosberg

While teammates at Mercedes, Hamilton and Rosberg spent three years exclusively fighting it out for the drivers’ title, with Rosberg finally getting the better of Hamilton in 2016. After Ferrari driver Vettel won the 2017 season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton was asked if he faced a tougher test from the four-time champion than the one he got alongside Rosberg. He replied … Keep reading

Alonso says no time for 'coffee break' with new F1 cars

With F1’s new wider and faster cars having earned rave reviews – with reports of cornering forces peaking at 8G – Alonso believes that drivers are facing an all-new scenario compared to the previous generation of machinery. “When you lose the car a little bit on the rear end especially, it’s difficult to recover because you are fast on the corners,” said Alonso. “So you have half a te … Keep reading

Vandoorne column: The focus was just on finishing

We knew heading to Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix that it would be a tough weekend for the McLaren-Honda team, so it was good that we could come away with a few positives. We have made at least made a small step forward since the Barcelona tests. It may not be in terms of pure pace, but we could do some more normal running than we had been able to do before. Yes, we had some … Keep reading

Alonso might not see out season with McLaren – Webber

Alonso, in his third year with the Woking-based team, has endured a torrid pre-season after the Japanese manufacturer’s new engine failed to live up to expectations. The two-time champion, who was hoping to fight near the front this year, qualified 13th for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, retiring from the race with a damaged floor. Alonso’s contract with McLaren expires at … Keep reading

Sainz wants to sort handling issues after “weird” Australian GP

The Spaniard started and finished the Australian Grand Prix eighth, while Daniil Kvyat ensured the team started the year with both cars scoring points by finishing ninth. Sainz was passed on his out-lap by Sergio Perez for seventh, and though he caught the Force India again later in the race, he reckoned he lost out through strategy and the car’s performance. “It was a pretty weird … Keep reading