Hamilton: Glumness is disappointment not pain

The world champion gave an intriguing insight into his psyche today when discussing his evident frustration after losing pole position to Nico Rosberg. Hamilton said that his negative reaction, which included short answers, was simply because he felt he had not done the best possible job – and not because being beaten was painful. “No, it doesn’t hurt,” Hamilton said. “It’s like when … Keep reading

German GP: Rosberg snatches pole despite engine cut-out scare

Rosberg was forced to abort his first Q3 run due to an “electronic error” that briefly cut the engine. But his second lap gave him pole which was “a fantastic lap in the circumstances” according to the pitwall, as he ran with enough fuel for two laps instead of one in case he made a mistake on his first attempt. It was Rosberg’s fifth pole of the season – 30 years on from his father … Keep reading

Mercedes fined for unsafe release, no sanction for Hamilton

The world champion had been summoned to see the stewards after final free practice at Hockenheim, following an incident earlier in the session. His Mercedes had been released straight in to the path of Romain Grosjean, who was forced to bring his Haas to a stop to avoid a collision. Following an investigation by the stewards it was announced that only the team would be punished. A … Keep reading

Alonso out of patience with FIA after latest rule tweaks

The FIA confirmed on Friday that radio messages will now be basically unrestricted, less than a year after having banned them. The ruling body had made the radio restrictions tougher in recent weeks before deciding to ease the clampdown from this weekend’s German Grand Prix. Formula 1 has also been surrounded by controversy over track limits, with the Strategy Group agreeing on … Keep reading

Whiting confirms ‘three strikes’ rule in place at Turn 1

The FIA is using electronic detection at the first corner at Hockenheim, following an experiment at two corners in Hungary, and after there were 93 excursions during FP1 on Friday morning, Whiting has decided to impose restrictions from the second session onwards. A note to teams said: “During P1 many drivers appeared to make little or no effort to stay on the track on the exit of Turn … Keep reading

Bite-size tech: Toro Rosso rear brake duct

This new cluster of winglets features three flaps (highlighted in yellow) that help to guide the airflow up over the rear wishbone and shape the wake shed by the rear tyre. Previously, part of the brake duct was formed by the upper wishbone (below) but this has been abandoned with the introduction of the winglet stack. … Keep reading

Yellow flags an issue only because Rosberg involved – Alonso

Rosberg was allowed to keep pole position at the Hungaroring despite setting his best time while there were double-waved yellow flags at Turn 9 for Alonso’s stricken car. The fact the German wasn’t penalised has sparked debate as to what constitutes a sufficient response to yellow flags, with both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel saying that the ruling sent a poor message. However … Keep reading

F1 clarifies team radio messages now largely "unrestricted"

Following a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group in Geneva on Thursday, it was agreed that the sport’s radio communication clampdown should be eased. In a document sent from F1 race director Charlie Whiting on Friday morning, it was clarified that messages would now be pretty much ‘unrestricted’. The move comes in to force from first practice for the German Grand Prix. … Keep reading