Kimi Returns to Round Off Test in P5

A tricky end to the final pre-season test here at the Circuit de Catalunya saw Kimi Räikkönen bounce back to end the day in P5 despite having missed the majority of early running with a gearbox issue

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Formula 1 2013 Pre-Season Testing; Barcelona Week 2, Day 4

Day four in Barcelona and one final chance for the drivers to stretch their legs – and cars – before heading off to Melbourne. After missing yesterday’s session through illness, what will Kimi muster at the Circuit de Catalunya? Time to find out…

Storified by Lotus F1 Team· Sun, Mar 03 2013 08:26:30

You say that… ever been hit by a stiletto? It hurts… apparently…
Testing? On a Sunday morning? Who tests on a Sunday morning? It’s like throwing a shoe as a weapon! As we’re here, better see who’s drivingLotus F1 Team
These bugs are spreading like wildfire! Although it does beg the question; just how close did Kimi get to the E21 last night…
Though Kimi is fighting fit, the E21 has a little gearbox sniffle. Kimi’s having a quick nap as we apply Vix vapour rub to the boxLotus F1 Team
Eloquent as always!
Update from Kimi: Zzzzz Zzzz Zzzzzzz Zzzzz. Can I drive yet? Eh? Uhhh. Zzzzz Zzzz ZzzzzzzzzLotus F1 Team
Actually, we’ve Kimi sleeps standing up… much like a horse…
Well, he’s awake #ImSexyAndIKnowIt F1 Team
Hurrah! Now, can we have some laps please? Just a few before lunch… we promise to eat our greens!
There’s only four minutes left, but Kimi Raikkonen has made it out in the Lotus, gearbox freshly-installed. #F1AUTOSPORT Live
Not sure we could tell him even if we tried! Try saying that in a hurry…
We’re running with illegal engine-map-ban-deficit-recovery illegal exhausts for this run. Don’t tell Charlie. #ImSexyAndIKnowItLotus F1 Team
Some say he eats his cereal with motor oil…
@clubforce @Lotus_F1Team i reckon Kimi is the Stig’s Finnish cousinMunKi
We’re all about spreading the love…
Not only do we warm our tyres before use, we also give them a loving hug #ImSexyAndIKnowIt F1 Team
Hey, you! Why are the fingers so long on these gloves?! They’re going to flap around everywhere!!
Sat in the E21 for a debrief before the next run #Kimi #ImSexyAndIKnowIt F1 Team
An International Man of Mystery indeed… and we don’t mean Mr. Powers…
@Gvidas_K do we know the @Lotus_F1Team twitter guy? No, never met him / her. We hear rumours of a very strange, mysterious figure…Caterham F1 Team
How dare you! A more serious bunch you’ll rarely find…
@Lotus_F1Team Methinks you’re not taking these tweets wholly seriously. Am loving it.Mike
Indeed, we still have afternoon tea AND dinner to get through… busy times.
Raikkonen sets a new personal best, but there is surely a lot more to come from Lotus today. #F1AUTOSPORT Live
It’s a hard life eh? Driving one day, commentating the next… rumours that Davide will be appearing as a grid girl are yet to be confirmed…
Big setup change for Kimi before heads out again, meanwhile @davidevalsecchi is on @SkySportsF1 commentary duties F1 Team
Shhh, nobody’s allowed to know about the evil twin…
Is it me or does the “Kimi” logo on the @Lotus_F1Team car look like “Himi”? #f1David Edwards
Ahhh, the secret is out! Run Himi, run!
@Lotus_F1Team Who say it’s really Kimi..? ;-)Pasi Piirainen
He’s always been a big softie really…
Kimi heads out for a bit of softage #ImSexyAndIKnowIt F1 Team
Good job sir! Now to track down that pesky neighbour of ours…
Up to P5 #Kimi, keep it coming #ImSexyAndIKnowIt F1 Team
They say it lasts forever you know…
With no race sims happening, will anyone try a last-gasp glory run? #F1AUTOSPORT Live
That’s all folks! Next stop Melbourne… look forward to seeing you there!
Back from the final run. Next time #Kimi will be in the car is in Albert Park #ImSexyAndIKnowIt F1 Team

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