Drivers heed first warning signs of F1 2017 overtaking fears

Higher overall downforce levels make it harder for a following car to keep up in fast corners, because it loses front grip in the wake of the car ahead. After the first full group F1 test today, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa admitted that it will be an ongoing issue this year. Overtaking was not part of the brief from the FIA when the new rules were formulated, with the focus on … Keep reading

F1 teams granted leeway to post social media video in testing

Previously, the commercial rights holder has placed tight restrictions on broadcasting of all video from within the confines of the circuit during testing. But F1 is entering a new era following Liberty Media’s takeover, with the American company keen to exploit digital and social media. It has emerged the teams were contacted by the commercial rights holder and informed they were … Keep reading

F1 2017: First impressions trackside

With this year’s changes designed specifically to improve the show, there is perhaps a greater emphasis than there has been for some time for some time on how the cars actually look. Launches and the odd clip from a filming day gave us some idea of what to expect, but there’s no substitute for getting up close at track side on what turned out to be a sunny day in Spain. And the good … Keep reading

McLaren delayed by Honda oil system issue

The Woking-based team had successfully completed a 100 kilometre filming day at Barcelona on Sunday, ahead of the proper start to testing today. But although Fernando Alonso got out of the garage early on to prepare for the day’s programme, after completing just a single lap back into the pits he was unable to return to action as Honda discovered a problem on the car. A Honda … Keep reading

Wehrlein set to drive in second Barcelona F1 test

The German was injured in an accident during last month’s Race of Champions event and has since undergone several medical examinations. Tests revealed a back injury, which ruled him out of this week’s opening pre-season test at Barcelona and doing any driving at the team’s filming day last week. Sauber is running Ferrari reserve Antonio Giovinazzi in place of Wehrlein this week, with … Keep reading

Haas F1 Team’s 2017 Challenger: The VF-17

The VF-17 follows the team’s very first car, the VF-16, which carried Haas F1 Team to an eighth-place finish in the 2016 constructor standings. Twenty-nine points were scored by the VF-16 during Haas F1 Team’s inaugural season, the largest points haul of any new Formula One team in this millennium.

Incorporating “VF” into the name of the car is a nod to the history of Haas Automation, the team’s title sponsor. The first CNC machine manufactured by Haas Automation was the VF-1 in 1988. The “V” stands for vertical, which is an industry standard designation for a vertical mill. Gene