Why first-class McLaren contains hidden gems

After three years of Honda struggles, is McLaren ready to turn the corner and show its true potential? For the entire grid, the true measure of competitiveness is Mercedes. That team has dominated since the hybrid power unit regulations were introduced, but in the short  term, McLaren’s immediate measure will be Red Bull and, possibly on a few occasions, the works Renault team.Which … Keep reading

FIA makes fresh push against customer engine inequality

A new technical directive from the ruling body insists that all power units from a manufacturer are capable of being operated in the same way.The rules already ensure that all units are physically identical by using a dossier system under Appendix 4 of the sporting regulations.But the governing body has suspected that works teams may be able to use modes – in qualifying for example – … Keep reading

Be Brave: Unveiling the McLaren MCL33

Watch as we reveal our 2018 challenger, the striking McLaren MCL33.

Returning to our iconic papaya orange and blue, the MCL33 will contest the 2018 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, and marks the first time in McLaren’s 52-year history that it has run a car powered by Renault engines.

New F1 livery shows McLaren “listening to fans”

McLaren’s new MCL33, launched on Friday, has a mostly-orange design punctuated by blue on the front-wing elements, engine cover fin and rear wing, similar to colours used on its early F1, Can-Am and Indycars in the 1970s.Its switch to an orange-and-black livery last year, which did not use the papaya colour, was met with criticism that it had not gone far enough in referencing its … Keep reading

No shortcuts on new McLaren F1 car, says Boullier

McLaren decided to ditch Honda after three frustrating seasons, but the final call to switch to Renault power for 2018 came very late in the design process.Technical director Tim Goss said the different packaging of the turbo and energy recovery systems required to major work to accommodate it and racing director Boullier heralded the approach taken by his team to deal with the … Keep reading