Red Bull suspends Aeroscreen development

The Milton Keynes-based team pushed hard earlier this year to produce the alternative to the Halo concept that has been developed by Mercedes and Ferrari. The Aeroscreen ran briefly on Daniel Ricciardo’s car at the Russian Grand Prix and it drew positive support from fans and F1 figures who believed it looked better than the Halo. But amid questions that were prompted after crash … Keep reading

Verstappen felt he was "flying" after switching to medium tyres

Like Red Bull team mate Daniel Ricciardo the Dutchman hit degradation problems on the supersoft, and after an early stop and a short stint on softs both men went to mediums, which the team had not anticipated using. However, they proved to be very competitive. “For me it was mainly the supersoft and the soft,” he said. “We had too much rear degradation, after three laps there was … Keep reading

Wolff wants rethink on F1 radio clampdown

World champions Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen both expressed frustration during the Baku race when they found their teams were not allowed to give them information about vital set-up changes needed for their cars. Hamilton felt that the radio restrictions ultimately robbed F1 of a better spectacle, because not having the information meant he was unable to deliver a fightback … Keep reading

Perez voted Driver of the Day in Baku

The Mexican finished third after having qualified in second position in his Force India around the streets of Baku. However, having needed a gearbox change following a practice crash, Perez dropped to seventh on the grid after being handed a five-place penalty. Perez climbed up to fourth in the race and passed Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen for third on the final lap. It is the second time … Keep reading

Low downforce caused Red Bull's tyre struggles in Baku

Both Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen had to offload their supersoft tyres in the opening laps and run a two-stop strategy, the pair eventually finishing seventh and eighth. In Canada they also had to go to two stops for tyre reasons while others made it to the flag on one. Red Bull had traditionally run very low downforce at fast tracks to make up for a power deficit, and in the … Keep reading

Williams equals F1 pitstop record

After the troubles it has faced in recent seasons with botched pitstops, the Grove-based outfit focused last winter on improving its technology as well as tweaking its procedures to deliver an impressive turnaround in form. It has been the fastest team in all eight races so far this season, having clearly unlocked some form of advantage that its rivals have not yet fully got to gr … Keep reading

Mercedes says engine error only cost Hamilton 0.2s per lap

Although Hamilton’s pace fell away dramatically – and bounced back immediately as soon as the issue had been resolved – his bosses insist that the lack of energy deployment was not as dramatic as it appeared to be from the outside. Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff reckoned, however, that the electronic setting that left the drivers without an extra power boost at certain sections of … Keep reading

McLaren Honda: Again… just one position outside the points

Despite the whole team’s best efforts, the inaugural race around the demanding Baku City Circuit was a disappointing one for McLaren-Honda. Jenson drove a customarily disciplined race to move from an unrepresentative 19th on the grid to finish 11th, making solid progress through the field – particularly during the final stint. While he raced nose-to-tail with Fernando for much of the … Keep reading

A disappointing day for Toro Rosso at Baku

Carlos Sainz (STR11-01, Car 55) Race: Retired “It’s been a bit of a difficult weekend overall, and even though we were doing a good recovery in today’s race, unfortunately a suspension issue ended my race. It’s a shame, because I had positive feelings in the car and our strategy and pace was looking decent… But I know it will get better soon! As a driver, when this sort of thing … Keep reading